Remedies Policies - Fall 2017

Remedies    Fall 2017 

3 credits
Tuesday and Thursday evenings
Room 4-07
7:55 - 9:30 PM |
Prof. George W. Conk 
Course Blog: Torts Today 

Office hours by appointment on the hour and half hour.  Please make appointments by email.

Attendance is required.  I must certify good and regular attendance to submit a passing grade.  If you are unable to attend class please drop me a note with brief explanation before class.

Discussion leaders: I will generally make assignments of discussion leaders for each class 6  days before the class meeting.   The assignments will usually be groups of two, in alphabetical order, starting week two.

Please be sure to read all emails from me - and be prepared when you are "on call".

Preparedness is key to competent and satisfactory presentation!

Add/Drop Ends Tuesday, September 5, 11:59 PM


Class participation is a substantial factor in grading.

There is no anonymous grading in this seminar class.

Three Options:
Final exam (take-home - 48 hours due by 5:00 PM December 20) OR 
Term paper (15 + pp) OR 
Upper Class  Writing Requirement paper (25 pp.)
There is no grading penalty or bonus for any option you choose.
Format and page requirements of UCWR and Term Papers

Upper Class writing requirement: 
Notice of intent must be filed with Registrar by Friday September 8  
Topics must be approved by me in advance of filing.
  - UCWR outlines due - Monday October 9
  - rough drafts due - Monday November 6
  - final papers due - Friday December 1
Applications for extensions on papers will be considered but must include a statement of reasons, a proposed new date, and be made three days before the due date.  The last possible extended date is Friday December 15. 

Term papers (if elected in lieu of exam)

Approved term paper topic proposals due:    Monday October 9
  - rough drafts due: Monday November 6
  - final papers due: Friday December 1

Stylistic tips and principles: Rhetoric: Aristotle, RBG, and the art of persuasion

On call assignments
In order to assure everyone opportunities for meaningful classroom participation, I will generally  make "on call" assignments   6 or 7 days before the class meeting at which I hope to reach your topic.
If you are assigned to present a case you should be prepared to summarize and defend the argument.  If there is a dissent and you are assigned the dissent you should be prepared to summarize and defend the argument of the dissenter.


Recommended concise hornbook: 
Weaver, et al., Principles of Remedies (West  Academic) 
Second Edition 2011

Required Casebook: 

Weaver, et al. Remedies -  Cases, Practical Problems, and Exercises
Fourth  Edition (West Academic
(all page references to Weaver, 4th edition)
ISBN:  978-1-63460-445-1

 Readings are required unless specified as background, in which case they are recommended.