Without comment and with no Justice noting a dissent, the Supreme Court today turned aside a plea by the oil-drilling affiliate of BP to reopen a 2012 deal aimed at settling hundreds of millions in claims over the April 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.   The Court issued a brief order denying review of BP Exploration & Production, Inc., v. Lake Eugene Land & Development, Inc.
Issuing further orders from its private Conference last Friday, the Court did not grant any new cases today and did not send any new cases to the Justice Department for reaction.  The Court granted review in three cases Friday.
The denial of BP Exploration’s petition marked the second setback for the company in the Supreme Court this year.  Last June, the Court without explanation rejected a plea to delay a series of lower court actions that — the company said — would require it to pay out more than $600 million for economic damages to claimants that could not trace any injury directly to the massive oil spill.