East Bay Sanctuary Covenant v. Trump

East Bay Sanctuary Covenant, et al.  v. Trump, et al.

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East Bay Sanctuary Covenant home page

The National Injunction Debate (selected articles)
Introduction to the debate:
Jack Beerman (Boston U Law): Two Views - Jotwell
Samuel L. Bray, Multiple Chancellors: Reforming the National Injunction, 131 Harv. L. Rev. 417 (2017
Amanda Frost (American U. Law)  - Scotus blog 
Amanda Frost - In defense of nationwide injunctions (NYU L. Rev. 2018)

In surprising praise of Neil Gorsuch - Ian Millhiser // Vox Media

Supreme Court stays preliminary injunction over Sotomayor dissent  - September 11, 2019

Timeline East Bay - GWC

Timeline and resources: Center for Constitutional Rights  co-counsel for plaintiffs (links to all briefs by parties)

Supreme Court docket page

Selected Documents   (Dropbox link to materials gathered by GWC )

Selected Resources and Authorities (memo -excerpts- gwc) April 2019

 Memo summarizing December 7, 2018 Order and opinion (full text) of 9th Circuit panel refusing to stay pending appeal TRO barring enforcement of Proclamation and Rule barring asylum applications by persons who did not enter at a port of entry.

The Temporary Restraining Order Against Trump's Asylum Ban Statutory Structure and Agency Discretion
by Peter Margulies - Lawfare

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