Friday, April 3, 2015

Bosch is first to compete with Saw Stop for safe table saw market

The Bosch REAXX (list $1500) is a job-site portable thats about the same size as the DeWalt 744, the SawStop Jobsite, and the Ridgid R4513. It has an explosive cartridge that forces the spinning blade beneath the table when its touched. Unlike with SawStops model, the blade is not destroyed.Click To Enlarge

Bosch's Finger Saving Saw
by Patrick McCombe - Fine Homebuilding

Unlike SawStop's system, which brakes the blade by launching an aluminum block into the spinning blade, the Bosch system doesn't attempt to stop the blade to prevent injury. Instead, it rapidly forces the blade below the table while it's spinning. It uses a cartridge that the company claims is similar to the mechanism used for triggering automotive air bags.
According to Bosch, the benefit of this method is that the saw trunnion and transmission don't have to absorb all the energy associated with bringing the blade to a stop in a fraction of a second. The cartridge can be replaced and the saw returned to operating condition in a few minutes. Moreover, the blade is undamaged--unlike on the SawStop, which destroys the blade.
The new saw, dubbed REAXX, looks to be based on and to share accessories (such as the Gravity Rise Stand) with the Bosch 4100, which is Bosch's larger portable. The saw is supposed to be available in the fall with a list price of $1500. I'm heading to JLC Live tomorrow to check it out, and I'll report back on Monday with details on its operation and safety system

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