Miller v. Davis - Kentucky Same Sex Marirage

FrCvP 70 Enforcing a Judgment

Kim Davis Brief in Opposition to Motion to Enforce 9/3, 9/8 Orders Motion to enforce 9/3, 8 orders Marty Lederman - Kim Davis maybe on her way back to jail Notice of possible interference by Davis - Deputy Clerk Mason 9/18
Martin Lederman - update on Kim Davis 9/14 statement
Order denying Davis's motion for injunction pending appeal 9/11
Davis Emergency Motion to Stay Order of 9/3 9/11
Order releasing Davis from jail 9/8/15
Contempt order 9/3/15
Judge Bunning finds Davis in contempt, incarcerates her until she complies - NY Times 9/3
Davis's reply brief 9/2
KY Senate Pres - Amicus Brief 9/2
The contempt motion 9/1
Preliminary injunction against Davis prohibiting her from "applying her `no marriage licenses' policy" to future applications by any person qualified to marry under Kentucky law.9/3
Kim Davis refuses to issue marriage licenses "under God's authority"
 6th Circuit orders mediate conference 9/2/15
Memorandum of law in support of preliminary injunction 8/15/15 (The Court must again point out that the act of issuing a marriage license to a same sex couple merely signifies that the couple has met the legal requirements to marry. It is not a sign of moral or religious approval.)

Kim Davis -the Kentucky county clerk who has for two months (sinceObergefell v. Hodges) refused to issue marriage licenses has petitioned Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan for a stay of the order compelling her to issue a marriage license to a same sex couple.  Represented by Liberty Counsel (slogan Stand for marriage  Stand against Tyranny), Davis takes the stand urged by Catholic conservative lawyer/philosopher Robert George: Obergefell, like Dred Scott, is a decision that should be defied.

Davis - who is facing charges of official misconduct - seeks accommodation.  Perhaps her strongest argument is that she should be treated like conscientious objectors who refuse to carry a weapon.  But perhaps she should like Gandhi go to jail as an act of conscience, or like some C.O.'s be compelled to perform corporal works of mercy.  -gwc

Kim Davis SCOTUS Stay Application | Equality Case Files

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