Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Woodworking Tools Safety Experts | Robson Forensic

At the heart of every product liability case are expert witnesses.  Though it is sometimes essential that you go to high ranking researchers, department heads,  etc. more often you need to hire a forensic engineer or other expert familiar with the needs of litigants.  Robson Forensic is one such company. - gwc

Woodworking Tools Safety Experts | Robson Forensic

Our experts are regularly retained in casework involving lacerations, amputations, and deaths that are associated with the use or misuse of saws and other woodworking tools. The scope of our investigations can include equipment operation and maintenance as well as various safety features, such as guards, protective equipment, and flesh sensing technology units (sawstop).


Sharp knives, teeth, and abrasives, rotating at high speed, characterize woodworking tools and machinery. These tools that cut and shape wood can do the same to the equipment operator. Guarding, warning, instructing, and using Personal Protective Equipment are the issues most often addressed in woodworking equipment injury investigations. The settings for these injuries include home, commercial, industrial, construction site, and school environments.


Our analysis focuses on product defects, compliance with national consensus standards, OSHA regulations, and other relevant industry standards.
  • Table saw kickbacks
  • Circular saw kickbacks
  • Guarding issues, including sawstop technology
  • Planer, molder, shaper, kickbacks and amputations
  • Grinder and sander abrasions and nip-point injuries
  • Analysis of warnings and safety instructions
  • Jointer hand-cutter contacts
  • Bandsaw lacerations and amputations
  • Unexpected startup/unguarded controls
  • Runaway drill and router incidents


Contact woodworking tools safety expert, Les Winter, P.E., to identify the most appropriate expert to assist on your matter.

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