Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Glass Cage Silences Morsi During Egyptian Trial - NYTimes.com

I suppose it's better than binding and gagging, which is what Judge Julius Hoffman did to Black Panther Bobby Seale in Chicago in 1969. - gwc

Glass Cage Silences Morsi During Egyptian Trial - NYTimes.com:

by David Kirkpatrick and Mayy El Sheikh

 "CAIRO — Mohamed Morsi, the deposed Egyptian president, appeared in public on Tuesday for the second time since his detention after the military takeover last July, this time locked in a soundproof glass cage as the defendant at a criminal trial.

The installation of the cage, a novelty in Egyptian courts, underscored the extent of the effort by the new government to silence the former president and his fellow defendants, about 20 fellow leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood. It dominated the courtroom debate, with lawyers for the defendants arguing that it deprived the accused of their right to hear or participate in their own trial and supporters of the government crediting the soundproof barrier with preserving order in the court."

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