Monday, August 24, 2015

Palestinian Authority Is Ordered to Post $10 Million Bond in Terror Case - The New York Times

In Sokolow, et al. v. Palestine Liberation Authority, et al. ( 1:04-cv-00397 SDNY) U.S. District Judge George Daniels has ordered the Palestinian Authority to post a $10 million appeal bond, together with another $1 milllion/month.  The amount is relatively small - given the $655 million verdict on appeal.  The trial judge has given consideration to the concerns of the United States.  Deputy Secretary of State Anthony Blinken in an affidavit  underscored the "vital" security and diplomatic interests of the United States in the viability of the Palestine National Authority, to which we have given "billions" of dollars in aid and which is in "crisis".  - gwc
Palestinian Authority Is Ordered to Post $10 Million Bond in Terror Case - The New York Times

by Benjamin Weiser

In a widely watched terrorism lawsuit that drew the attention of the Obama administration, a federal judge in Manhattan ruled on Monday that the Palestinian Authority would have to post $10 million and an additional $1 million monthly to appeal a huge damages award for its role in six terrorist attacks in Israel that had killed and injured Americans.
The bond amount was much lower than lawyers for the victims had sought and matched the amount that lawyers for the Palestinian Authority said in court on Monday that the defendants could pay.
Just two weeks ago, the Obama administration weighed inon the case, expressing concern in a submission to the judge that requiring too high a bond could cause economic and political harm to the Palestinian Authority and the broader peace process.

The Palestinian Authority and the Palestine Liberation Organization in February were found liable in the attacks, which occurred between 2002 and 2004, after a lengthy civil trial brought under an antiterrorism law that provided for a tripling of the jury’s damages award of $218.5 million, for a total of $655.5 million.
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